Company Overview

  • Stonehorse currently holds working interests in two wells and has access to a pipeline of well bore interests via its partner and manager of US Operations, Black Mesa Production, LLC
  • Current daily production from the two producing wells, cashflow positive from re-quotation
  • A direct investment at the well bore level breaks the nexus between acreage cost and obligations and production and cashflow
  • Low cost model underpinned by back-in after payout arrangement with a first class technical team in Black Mesa
  • All future well bore investments at Company’s discretion and subject to rate of return hurdles
  • No acreage or lease obligations and no debt

Board of Directors

Robert Gardner (Non. Exec Chairman)
David Deloub (Executive Director)
Jay Stephenson (Non. Exec Director)

Market Capitalisation post Capital Raise

Ordinary Shares 400.6M
Options 52.75M
Cash $4.67M
Market Capitalisation (at re-quotaion) $8.0M

Top 5 Shareholders

Shareholder Shares % (undiluted)
Watch Hill Holdings Ltd 70,000,000 17.5%
Roca Investments Ltd 65,000,000 16.2%
Fastwitch Enterprises Pty Ltd 39,500,000 9.86%
The Trust Co (Australia) Ltd 17,343,750 4.3%
Wingstar Investments Pty Ltd 14,603,750 3.7%